Online Appointments for Healthcare Institutions

Booking Appointments Online: Modern Convenience for Healthcare Patients and Professionals

The latest studies have shown a growing demand amongst patients for the ability to book their healthcare appointments online. In this day in age, booking everything from hotels and flights to restaurant reservations all online is commonplace, not to mention convenient. Patients can now gain the same benefits when it comes to booking their medical appointments. The online booking system is also highly favored by hospitals, doctors, dentists and their staff as it saves them substantial time for scheduling appointments and allows them to allocate resources to other, more pertinent areas.

Complex Appointment Requirements? Not a Problem.

Not every medical appointment is straightforward. In addition to seeing a doctor, the treatment of a patient will sometimes require an assistant or a specific type of equipment for their appointment. Although this is a common requirement, it takes a lot of time to schedule manually. However, our system is designed to accommodate such requirements and is able to coordinate these factors at the same time the appointment is being scheduled online. When a patient makes an appointment request, the system is able to evaluate the patient’s needs for that appointment and automatically check the availability of the doctors, any assisting staff, and equipment. This means coordinating various calendars and the availability of personnel and coming up with various time slots for the patient’s appointment, thus providing them with multiple options to choose from. Not only does this facilitate the patient’s access to making an appointment, it also frees up the staff who would otherwise spend tedious amounts of time checking the availability of these resources manually.

Fast. Reliable. Easy to Use.

SuperSaaS is a reliable system that is highly adaptable and user-friendly. Complexity shouldn’t result in confusion, which is why we offer a wide range of options in a system that is easy to understand. Since the system is entirely online, there is no need for complicated installations or updates. The setup is incredibly straight forward: when you create a new schedule, the setup wizard will guide you through the first steps. From there, you will have access to short explanations and tutorials to guide you, but the system will automatically omit any complex settings that are not applicable to you. If there are still any outstanding questions, we have an online support team to assist you.

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SuperSaaS Increases Efficiency

  • Available 24/7
  • Save time on planning
  • Access from any device
  • Easy to supervise
  • Flexible settings
  • No installation
  • Email confirmations
  • SMS reminders
  • Waiting list feature

SuperSaaS used to support major inoculation effort

In 2009 the Irish government faced a major logistical challenge when they had to inoculate a large number of people against the swine flu. While other countries resorted to asking patients to wait in line, the Irish Health Service Executive created a SuperSaaS schedule for every major hospital in the country. They broadcast the web address in a media campaign so people could schedule a time to receive treatment, thus eliminating long wait lines and expediting the overall process for both patients and healthcare professionals.

The success of the swine flu response in the Republic of Ireland is due in no small part to the facility of being able to book online. That we were able to set this up and roll it out nationally in such a short space of time is a credit to SuperSaaS.

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Try It For Free

With our free trial, you can set up and test the system to make sure you are satisfied with the process prior to subscribing to the paid version. Our trial version of SuperSaaS includes all functionality. The only limitation is the maximum number of upcoming appointments. We’re confident that upon testing the system and discovering how quick and easy it is to book medical appointments online, you’ll enjoy experiencing the convenience on a regular basis through a subscription.

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