Schedule for Class

備註 Remarks:

  • 藍色 - 入門課程 (適合初學及所有程度) Blue - Beginner to All levels
  • 綠色 - 中級課程 (適合所有程度) Green - All levels to Intermediate
  • 紅色 - 進階課程 (適合有經驗學員) Red - Intermediate to Advanced
  • 灰色 - 空中瑜伽課程 (適合初學及所有程度) Grey - Aerial Yoga
  • 黄色 - 特別堂、工作坊 Yellow - Special class or workshop
  • 紫色 - 師資培訓課程 Purple - Teacher training program
  • 流汗指數 Sweating index: 0 = No sweat, 5 = Sweat a lot

條款及細則 Terms and Conditions:

  • 所有課堂必須預訂。Our classes are by booking only. 
  • 請登記成為會員。Please register yourself into our membership system:
  • 我們保留更改導師或課堂(類別/時間/程度),以及取消課堂的權利。We reserve the right for any change with the instructors, classes type as well as class cancellation.
  • 請留意套票限期為兩個月,逾期套票將無法使用。All packages are valid for two months only and non refundable.
  • 套票可與配偶、父母及子女供用,但不得轉讓他人。You are welcome to share your package with your spouse, parents or children but not transferable to other people.
  • 如需取消預約,請於課堂開始前4小時或之前取消,否則將扣除該堂套票。Cancellation must be made 4 hours before the class otherwise the credit(s) will be deduced.
  • 初學者適合參加藍色的課堂。Classes with blue colour are suitable for beginners.
  • 課前指引 What you should know for coming to your first yoga class: