Schedule for Rehearsal Rooms

Thank you for using the White Rooms online booking service.

As you can see we are runnng a limited servive, three days per week. This is to help control the spread of the Covid 19 virus. Exceptions can be made to opening hours but you must get in touch via email if you want us to consider opening out of our current opening hours.


Use of the Live Room is restricted at the moment due to some structural development. From now on, bookings for the live room if required will have to be made by contacting me over email. It will soon become the sole use for the recording studio and rehearsals will have to be arranged around the recording schedule. Sorry if it's your fave room, but it's necessary going forward.

All our usual equipment is still offered free of charge except microphones. please bring your own or consider buying a brand new Behringer BA85A mic at £25 It's great especially in small rooms or small stages, has a two stage pop filter, shock mount to reduce handling noise and a nicely tuned capsule for speech and singing.

The room you book will ususlly be the one you use for your session but sometimes we need to swap things around. If your favourite room is unnavailable at the time of booking, send me an email and I'll see what I can do about moving things around for you. 

Your booking will not become active until payment has been made. This site uses PayPal or a debit card. Many bands now use a joint paypal account to pay into and out of for rehearsals so no individual is out of pocket, short term. You can manage your own bookings too and change or delete them up to 48 hours in advance, any changes you need to make beyond that will be considered if you email me. 

Please contact if you're having dificulty logging in or have questions about availability or changing your booking.

copy and share the link below with your band mates so you can all view availability at any time.