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Book meeting rooms in just seconds with a meeting room booking system

SuperSaaS helps you save precious time and manage your meeting rooms, conference rooms, desks, presentation areas, tools and other office resources. From any device, anytime and anywhere. SuperSaaS offers the most customizable and affordable meeting room reservation solution worldwide.

Organize your meeting room and resource bookings more efficiently

meeting room booking management systemManage multiple meeting rooms effectively

Avoid double bookings, create recurring bookings and coordinate multiple meeting rooms and resources from a single interface.

Admin approve room bookingsControl access to your meeting room system

Create user groups to only allow certain users to book specific meeting rooms or meeting room resources.

Send automated email reminders of meeting room bookingsSend reminders for room reservations

Send automated email/SMS reminders for meeting room bookings. And send automated follow-up messages for further instructions.

Free meeting room booking systemStart with our free booking system

Set up your online room booking system on the free trial version. Upgrade at any time with paid plans starting at only $8/month.

Our room booking system makes meeting room management a breeze

  • Create a schedule for each meeting room or resource: There are no limits on the number of schedules or resources on all of our paid packages.
  • Allocate buffer time between booking slots: Automatically add buffer time between booking slots to allocate time for setting up, cleaning up or resetting the room and equipment.
  • Send notifications to staff members via Slack: Send automated reminders via Slack to relevant staff members for cleaning the room after the meeting or to the IT team for setting up the projector for the next appointment slot.
  • Use any display system to present available options: Allow users to book on the spot via a tablet or any other mobile device. Users can also access the schedule anytime, anywhere on their own electronic devices with internet connectivity.
  • Monitor your booking statistics: Find out your busiest hours, most frequently booked meeting rooms and other booking statistics to monitor usage.
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Our customers make us blush

Booking customer woman Booking customer man Scheduling customer

SuperSaaS room scheduler made scheduling rooms a breeze. Staff could book out computer labs, conference rooms, library, Chromebook stations, etc. at the click of a button. Our staff adapted quickly to using a room booking scheduler.

Cathy Brooks, Administrative Secretary, Glencoe District High School

In my small art therapy practice, we allow other therapists to book the common space. With SuperSaaS, it becomes very easy to track clients and bill them for using the room. Everyone can access the online schedule for booking at their own convenience, hence making it easy to manage and create bookings.

Sharon F, Art Therapist, Sharon FitzGerald Art Therapy

We have used SuperSaaS for 3 years in our executive suites and offices business. It has allowed us to empower our clients to take over enrolling in use of conference rooms and other resources without having management personnel involved.

John Mills, The Redlands Mill

SuperSaaS has made scheduling a breeze for us! We schedule 5 different spaces and this software makes it easy for our customers to book themselves! SuperSaaS has helped us save a lot of time on creating the bookings for customers.

Pearl Angelini, Aspire Studios

We use SuperSaaS to allow multiple tenants in our building to schedule meeting and conference rooms. SuperSaaS allows us to control the access level for each user. The system is easy to use, efficient and flexible. It saves us a lot of time.

Rhonda G, Cathexes LLC

It saves admin time and allows us to focus on other aspects of our job. The self reservation process essentially takes care of itself. The ability to offer credits is a lifesaver. It’s functional, easy to use and gives you full control. The ROI is well worth the setup.

Charmaigne J, Thistledown LLC
Manage your rooms with our online meeting and conference room booking system
Manage your rooms with our online meeting and conference room booking system
SuperSaaS meeting room booking app
SuperSaaS meeting room booking app
Best meeting room booking software
Best meeting room booking software

SuperSaaS works great as:

  • Meeting room booking system
  • Online room booking software
  • Conference room scheduling system
  • Event venue booking system
  • Booking system for co-working spaces
  • Classroom booking system
  • Online desk booking system
  • Office resource booking system
  • And more…

Tailor the booking system to your wishes with these brilliant features

  • Set booking constraintsManage individual availability of each meeting room, add booking conditions like min/max booking duration, constraint start times and control number of times a meeting room can be booked by the same person on the same day/month/week.
  • Create your own cancellation policyYou have full control on how far in advance can the users add, modify or remove the booking on the schedule.
  • Assign user roles & responsibilitiesAllow admin team to approve the bookings by providing them special access to the schedule. Each meeting room can be managed by a different admin member.
  • Customize your schedule layoutCreate an individual description for your meeting rooms, add images, videos, your own logo, and favicon and customize your schedule and dashboard colors to match your branding. You can completely white label the scheduling system if required.
  • Use a custom domain nameDisplay the booking page with a custom domain name that matches your organization domain name. You can also integrate the system into your website or Facebook page.
  • Support flexible meeting rooms usage Divide your existing meeting room space into two smaller halves with a modular wall partition or a retractable wall. Allow users to book the divided rooms individually or directly book the larger meeting room by automatically coordinating with multiple schedules.
  • Sync your appointments with existing work calendarsDisplay real-time schedules and allow users to sync the appointments with the existing work calendars.
  • Monetize your meeting roomsIf you have an office space with meetings rooms which are not being used, why don’t you use the opportunity and earn some money by renting them out? SuperSaaS allows you to let customers pay for a meeting room booking online
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