Sydney Clinic Space Bookings

$25 per 60 minutes
$12.50 per 30 minutes
$6.25 per 15 minutes

Half Day Rate
4 to 6-hour block, rate defaults to $20/hour

Full Day Rate
7 to 12-hour block, rate defaults to $18/hour

Every new account automatically receives $6.25 credit. Feel free to make a booking and visit our space. Contact us for entry details. 

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The calendar area with a white background represents available time. Blue blocks represent existing bookings. Please click on the white area to schedule your booking. 

Please make all your bookings in advance.

Credit is instantly issued on all cancelled bookings, outside of 6 hours of your booking. (In other words, we have a 6-hour cancellation policy)

First-time bookings will have to contact Dan for entrance: or SMS 0435 061 163

If you would like to purchase credit, go to our STORE
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Bookings can be made in 15-minute increments. This facilitates clinicians to book a privacy buffer.