Developer documentation

Developer documentation

SuperSaaS provides webhooks and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to facilitate integration of SuperSaaS’ online appointment scheduling functionality with your own (web) applications and/or back-end systems.


Webhooks are user-defined callbacks that inform other applications or websites about events happening on your SuperSaaS account in near real-time. They can be used to extend the functionality of your schedule, for example, by subscribing new users to a MailChimp mailing list or by sending you a chat message for a changed appointment. Another popular use is to send email via another server. Webhooks can be configured automatically using or You can also configure webhooks manually, although the latter option is only available to subscribers.

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The API can be used to create and update information in database directly. Currently, these parts of the database are exposed via APIs:

  1. User database API. The user API allows you to create, read, update and delete users from your account. It also has specialized methods to log in a browser while creating or updating a user object at the same time. This is useful if you already have a login system on your own site and want to provide a “single sign-on” to your users: once they are logged in to your website or system, they automatically gain access to SuperSaaS without being prompted to log in again.
  2. Appointment database API. Besides calls to read or update one or more appointments, this API also provides specialized methods to retrieve a subset of recent changes, or of a specific user, or to retrieve information about availability in a schedule. Note that this API is under development and not all schedule types support all methods yet.
  3. Form database API. The form API allows you to read custom forms from your account. If forms are attached to an appointment or to a user, it may be more convenient to retrieve them through those APIs instead.