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Even larger packages are available.

See the subscription page inside your account.

Included with every package

Flexible Scheduling

Multiple resources
Manage scheduling of multiple resources (e.g. a person and a room) from a single schedule.
Group bookings
Create your own event, class or workshop schedule, define the capacity of every slot and allow multiple people to book the same slot.
Service appointments
Offer certain services to your customer, each with its own price and duration. Offer multiple services on the same schedule and allow customers to book services of their choice
Event bookings
Allow registration for events spread over one day, several days or only for certain hours. Easily switch back and forth between price plans to accommodate a temporary increase in number of bookings.
Recurring appointments
Offer a series of classes or create recurring appointments at certain time intervals with the same person (or resource). Appointments can repeat, with complex patterns like the 2nd Saturday every month.
Waiting lists
Add users to the waiting list, when you’re completely booked on your schedule and send an automatic notification when a spot is available. Waiting list queues can be maintained for each separate time slot.
Complex scheduling scenarios
Combine multiple calendars together for the most complex scheduling scenarios: e.g. “booking a treatment requires that both a room and a therapist are available”. See more scenarios


Booking Widget
Seamlessly and easily integrate your appointment schedule on your own website via a small JavaScript snippet.
Online meetings
Automatically add a Zoom or Google Meet link to an appointment.
Webhooks and API
Connect your SuperSaaS schedule with other systems through webhooks or our API. Use 3rd party integration tools like Make and Zapier to connect SuperSaaS to your favorite platforms including Slack, MailChimp, Twilio, etc.
Custom “Book Now” button
Design your own custom “Book Now” button and add it to your website to accept bookings on your SuperSaaS schedule.
WordPress plugin
Allow users to log in and make a booking on your schedule with our single sign-on widget for WordPress, Joomla & Drupal.
Single-sign on
If your site already has its own login system you can log them in via our API, so your clients won’t have to log in twice.
Facebook & Instagram
Add a booking button to your Facebook or Instagram page that links to your appointment schedule.
3rd party JavaScript
Add your own JavaScript code to your booking pages, such as Google Analytics or live chat integration.


Online payments
Accept online payments from your customers in 200+ currencies via payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, ePay, PayU, Klarna Pay Later, Square etc.
Pricing rules
Create pricing rules so the appointment price depends on its length, the day of booking, the start time of the booking, and many other factors.
Credit system
Handle payments in your own currency and sell packages in your webshop with the help of the credit system.
Manual payment methods
Accept direct bank transfers or checks and configure the system to request admin approval before sending confirmation of appointment bookings.
Hold off bookings
Automatically cancel appointments when no payment is received or payment is reversed by the bank. Optionally postpone payment until the customer gets placed from the waiting list.
Coupon codes
Offer limited time discounts % (or amount) and create discounts for bookings created on specific days.
Automatically send an invoice in your own format before or after an appointment via Stripe, PayPal, Moneybird or Paystack.

Confirmation & Notifications

Booking confirmation
Receive automatic confirmation emails/SMS when a booking is added to your schedule.
Cancellation notifications
Get notified when a client cancels a reservation on your schedule.
Email domain
Send your reminders & notifications with your own “From” address or through your own email provider.
Verify email addresses
Require visitors to have a valid email address by sending a verification link.
Automatic appointment reminders
Automatically send email/text reminders to customers at a certain time before the scheduled appointment time.
Follow-up notifications
Send follow-up messages after the appointment to share relevant information, request feedback or generate more customer reviews.
Customized email/SMS reminders
Customize your notifications and reminders according to several booking conditions on your schedule.
Automatically send follow-up messages to customers and request them to share their review.
Export email addresses
Easily download email addresses to a file, for example to inform of a canceled class/event.

Custom Layout & Forms

Your logo, colors, and style sheet
Make the system truly your own by modifying the system in your own colors, adding your logo and your own favicon. Apply your own CSS for advanced customization.
Include images
Add images of your resources, staff members, events or services offered on your schedule.
Modify your layout
Control which value fields you want to display on your schedule, modify date and time and number formats.
Use the system to manage your business worldwide with SuperSaaS’s availability in 34 languages.
Custom domain name
Customize your booking page’s domain with our custom domain name feature.
Redirect URL
Show additional information to customers with a special landing page or redirect them to your website with a redirect URL option.
Custom forms
Capture additional information by adding your own custom booking fields, drop-down lists and forms to the registration process.
Ask clients to attach files which are then stored in Dropbox.

Booking Constraints

Control your availability
Manage which days and during what hours you want to allow users to make a booking on your schedule. Add special days and holidays, and create exceptions for certain days, if required.
Limit bookings per user
Restrict the booking quantity by the same user to a certain number of slots at the same time, per day, per week, per month or in total (including the ones in the future). For example, students can only book a maximum of 3 lessons per week.
Multiple slot bookings
Accept more than one booking for the same time slot, for example, allowing up to 5 team members to book the same meeting slot with you for project discussion.
Cancellation policy
Define how far in advance can the users make the booking on your schedule and until when they can modify/delete their reservation.
Start time constraints
Constraint the start time of your appointments, for example, allow appointments to begin only at 9:00, 11:00, 12:00 and so on.
Min/max length of an appointment
Accept appointments of default fixed length, offer multiple appointment duration options from a drop-down menu or define the minimum and maximum permitted length of an appointment.

Access Control

Control access to schedules
Allow anyone with the schedule link to create a booking on your schedule or request them to create an account with you before adding a booking. Limit access to users with shared password, with specific email domain, people you specify in advance or use an interface with your server.
User groups
Limit access to certain schedules by creating user groups, and assign which schedules they can access.
Block notorious users
Block and unblock customers, easily detect abuse and revert it as per your convenience.
User management
Allow team members to manage their individual schedule or some specific schedule by adding them as superuser to those schedules. Give ‘superusers’ additional access rights to do maintenance tasks.
Internal notes
Add customer notes or additional information about your customers, only viewable to internal staff members with the help of the supervisor field.
Act on behalf of customer
Make changes on behalf of a customer to facilitate appointments that come in by phone or mail.

Calendar Customization

Custom appointment length
Allow customers to select from custom time intervals or allow custom time slot durations with an option to round off the end time to the nearest time interval.
Appointment details
Specify what information users are required to fill out when creating an appointment.
Buffer time
Avoid back-to-back meetings and automatically add buffer time in between appointments, for example to allow for room cleaning or travel time.
Time zones
Manage your business across the world with our multiple time zone support.
Add your location
Specify the location of your classes/events/workshops if you have centers at multiple locations.
Customizable terminology
Irrespective of how you refer to your end-users, you can customize the term used by the system for your end users. For example, you can configure the system to call them students, clients, customers or anything else you want.

Security & Reliability

SSL security
Maintain a secure connection by adding SSL to your appointment booking schedules.
Mission-critical operation
Above 99.99% up-time. (less than 30 minutes downtime per year.)
Terms & conditions
You can request your clients to accept your terms & conditions before they can make a booking on your schedule.
GDPR compliancy
Fully compliant with all GDPR regulations for data privacy.
Accessibility (WCAG 2.1 AA)
Compliant with the new European Accessibility Act for people with disabilities or impairment.


Track attendance
Mark the status of your bookings, whether the user has attended, is absent or unavailable during the booking slot with an additional supervisor field.
Receive daily reporting
Receive daily reports with a simple overview of the bookings made during the day.
Keep track of the number of bookings and view booking statistics on your schedule.
Google analytics
Understand how visitors interact with your schedule and get insights into customer behavior with Google Analytics integration.
Print your reports
Create printed reports of the schedule and classes for quick reference or for internal information sharing.
Easily add existing user information with individual account passwords or export all appointment data in a usable format for further data analytics & processing.

Calendar Sync (all paid packages)

Synchronize Availability
Read availability from your Google or Outlook calendar to SuperSaaS to avoid double bookings.
Google Calendar
Publish appointments or classes in SuperSaaS to your Google calendar.
Avoid scheduling clashes by automatically exporting your SuperSaaS bookings to your Outlook calendar.
Apple iCalendar
See a glance of upcoming events and update your appointments from your SuperSaaS calendar in your Apple’s iCalendar.
Office 365
Add your SuperSaaS bookings to your Office 365 calendar.

Flexible pricing to match a flexible system

  • There is no limit to the number of staff, locations, services or schedules
  • There is no limit to the number of appointments you can make per month
  • There is no minimum subscription length, so you can sign up for one month only if you need it for an event
  • Change your package at any time or even downgrade back to the free version without losing your settings
  • You are welcome to keep using the free service for non-commercial use

Self-service is good service, and we pass on the savings

If you compare our service to others’ you will notice we offer the best value by far. We can offer such a great price because our systems are fully automated, keeping your data confidential and our cost structure low. You set everything up yourself, or you ask your web developer do it for you. Only when you use the feedback form does a real person get involved. This way we don’t need to charge you with any additional setup fees or support costs.

Our refund policy is simple: we always provide a full refund in the (unlikely) case that you are not satisfied.

We also offer programs for affiliates and resellers.
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