Adding payment to your schedule

If the service that you offer requires payment, you can display its price at the time of booking. You may also want to handle the payment transaction as part of the booking process. SuperSaaS offers you a broad array of payment options, ranging from handling online payments to invoicing and using our credit system. In addition to these payment options, the system allows you to offer various types of discounts and promotional offers.

Setting prices

Whether you require payment immediately upon booking or you take payment at a later stage, you can display prices for your services or resources. You can configure your schedule to present fixed prices or calculate prices based on a set of pricing rules: booking related criteria such as length of the appointment or time of day.

Working with online payments

If you require payment from clients upon booking, you can use the integrated online payment system. You can choose between PayPal, Stripe and several other payment providers, or even a combination of several providers.

Working with invoicing or manual payment processing

If you want to collect payment for an appointment, but not at the time of booking, you can use invoicing or handle the payment yourself. You can send an invoice through an invoicing provider at the time of booking, or after the appointment has taken place. If you choose to handle the payment yourself you can display a message at the time of booking that explains the process to the user. You could, for example, tell the user to send check, a Venmo or do a bank transfer.

Working with a credit system

Alternatively, you can give your clients the option to pay you with credits they received from you or were bought in the webshop associated with your SuperSaaS account. Provided credits are shown as currency, clients can even use their credit in combination with online payment as discussed above.

Setting up discounts and promotions

There are several ways in which you can offer discounts and run promotions. These range from one-off discounts for individual clients to accepting coupons as part of a promotional campaign. Using pricing rules, you can implement a wide range of time-based discounts, such as weekend or seasonal discounts. Furthermore, offering packages of credits at discounted prices can be an effective way to create loyalty and entice clients to return in the future.

Advanced pricing

Pricing rules allow you to dynamically change the price of your appointments based on many different factors. You can, for example, change the price based on the value of a drop-down, or on how long in advance people book, or the day of the week.