Setting up the user process

The booking process as experienced by the users of your schedule is fully configurable. You can specify what information users need to provide upon booking and which steps need to be completed to do so. Constraints allow you to control your schedule’s behavior and specify what your users can and cannot do.

Collecting booking details

Using both standard and customizable fields, you can collect the information you need to create a booking.

Configuring the booking process

Should users be allowed to make repeat bookings or not? Do bookings require payment or approval? Should new bookings be confirmed? To whom? And what about reminders? The system offers you fine-grained control over each step in the process.

Setting booking constraints

You can set constraints to guide the behavior of your users. For example, you can specify time limits on how long in advance a booking can be created or cancelled.

Adding custom forms

If you need to collect more information than can be captured with the standard fields, you can do so by adding a custom form to the registration and/or the booking process. You can also attach files to forms. It’s also possible to use a form by itself, for example to add a contact form to your website.

Combining schedules

One of the most powerful features of SuperSaaS is the ability to combine multiple calendars. This allows you to build support for complex scheduling scenarios.