Online scheduling system in 34 languages for embassies & consulates

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International appointment scheduling made simple and efficient

Designed for diplomatic services

Enable easy booking of visa interviews, citizenship services, and other consulate appointments in users’ language and timezone. Manage schedule availability for different service types, staff members, and special events.

Integrated with essential services

Automatically sync appointments with calendar apps to streamline operations. Provide secure payment options for consular fees and utilize SMS and email for appointment confirmations and reminders.

Efficient and cost-effective

Begin with plans as low as $ 9 per month, offering scalable solutions to meet the needs of any diplomatic mission. Simplify the appointment process for both staff and constituents, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Example of a SuperSaaS schedule on a computer for embassies & consulates
Example of a SuperSaaS schedule on a mobile device for embassies & consulates
Example of a SuperSaaS widget-type schedule on a tablet device for embassies & consulates

Features of our embassy & consulates appointment booking software

Visitor self-booking

Save time by pre-defining how and when visitors can book or reschedule events and meetings in your schedule without your involvement

Languages and time zones

Visitors or applicants can choose from 34 languages and optionally their timezone is detected automatically

Custom layout & forms

Completely customize the layout and ask specific information that you need as part of a booking, such as visa requirements, identification information, etc.

Add to your website

Integrate your appointment schedule on your own (responsive) website e.g., via JavaScript or WordPress plugin and match to your branding

Confirmations & reminders

Confirm bookings and send reminders by e-mail or SMS so no one forgets. Receive notifications when changes are made

Calendar customization galore

Set custom appointment lengths, specify what information users are required to fill out, specify the location of meetings, etc.

User management

Set separate access levels for team members or create user groups with access to specific schedules

Reporting & analytics

Gain insights in your bookings or export to a different program, such as Excel

Security & reliability

Your data is safe and stored GDPR-compliant, with automatic backups and 24/7 monitoring

Why online appointment booking is essential for embassies and consulates

SuperSaaS schedule on a laptop

Let visitors and visa applicants schedule appointments online 24/7

An appointment scheduling system offers citizens and visitors the flexibility to book appointments beyond traditional office hours, enhancing their overall experience with the embassy or consulate. Automation not only optimizes administrative time but also ensures optimal utilization of appointment slots.

  • Streamlined process: simplify scheduling tasks, allowing applicants to reschedule appointments autonomously.
  • Minimize no-shows: automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders before the appointment starts.
  • Buffer time: allocate buffer time between appointments to prevent potential overruns.

Every visitor’s appointments and information in one place

Another significant benefit is the ability to centralize visitor information, facilitating easier tracking of applicants and their documentation. All relevant details, such as resumes and motivation letters, can be stored alongside appointment details, streamlining the application process.

  • Customizable forms: collect essential applicant information via customizable online forms.
  • Data protection compliance: securely store uploaded documents in your Dropbox account for confidentiality reasons and to meet GDPR restrictions.

Tailored solutions for diplomatic missions

Our appointment scheduling system has been refined over years to meet the unique needs of embassy and consulate operations, incorporating feedback from diplomatic professionals to provide comprehensive scheduling solutions.

  • Multilingual interface: connect with citizens and visitors in 34 different languages.
  • Timezone support: display appointments in your visitor’s local time, for planning remote appointments.
  • Virtual appointments: send a link automatically for (video) conferencing services like Google Meet and Zoom, when meeting virtually.
  • Scalability: our pricing model allows easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription to accommodate high-demand periods.

Easily add online booking to your website

Integrate a button or a schedule on your website or use it stand-alone
Works just as well on desktop as on mobile
Adjust the look & feel to match your site
Embassy of Genovia
Make an appointment
Embassy of Genovia
Make an appointment
Portrait of a happy female customer of appointment scheduling Portrait of a happy female customer of online appointment booking

Don’t take it from us,
take it from our customers

I trailed many scheduling products before subscribing to SuperSaaS. SuperSaaS is the best by far, it really stands out. It has so much flexibility built in. You can tailor it to exactly what you need. It’s a powerful tool. A great feature is being able to change what functions are called, e.g., users can be called employees or clients etc, appointments called meetings or bookings etc. This allows an organization to make it intuitive for their staff, which is often half the battle when creating a new process.

C J Ross, Manager, Government Department

We have piloted several online booking calendars – this is by far the best and most flexible. We are a recording studio and bands just love being able to book themselves in! We have noticed a sudden rise in rehearsal bookings since switching to SuperSaaS.

John Merriman, Crown Lane Studio

SuperSaaS satisfied the unique appointment scheduling needs of my drop in child care center while making it more convenient for parents to schedule their own reservations.

Mandy James, The Treehouse Hourly Child Care

We use SuperSaaS for booking everything online from meeting rooms to bikes, and all our staff comment on how easy and efficient it is to use.

Louise Shaw, Kent Union

Easy to use online reservation system with great features that makes record keeping a breeze, we can easily tailor our sessions to those people who have signed in.

Kelsey Lapthorn, Ashford Run England Leader

We have used SuperSaaS Online Appointment Scheduling System for signups for many dog training classes and both trainers and students have been quite happy with the functionality!

Julia, DogWorks Training Inc.

SuperSaaS was up and running smoothly in 15 minutes and fully integrated into my site, in style and format, in about an hour. The flexibility and simplicity of this online booking system is impressive.

Kane, Float Matrix
Portrait of a happy male customer of online appointment booking
Portrait of a happy male customer of online appointment scheduling
Our scheduling service is used for:
  • Consulates
  • High Commissions
  • Diplomatic Missions
  • Trade Offices
  • Cultural Institutes
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Tourism Boards
  • and more…
Kate Dahl

Talking to a long time customer

Kate Dahl is a job coach living in Denmark and is originally from the United States. She has become a job consultant for people looking for a new opportunity. Kate started using SuperSaaS in 2020 to schedule in her appointments online.

Read Kate’s story

The benefits for your organization

Increased efficiency

Automating the booking process removes the need for someone to manually take calls and coordinate schedules, saving time and reducing human error such as double bookings.

Better service

Instant appointment booking at any time eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication. This kind of self-service capability is usually preferred in today’s digital world.

Decreased No-shows

Automatic reminders through emails or text messages significantly cuts down on forgotten or missed appointments, ensuring better attendance at events and appointments

Frequently asked questions

The answers you never knew you needed

General questions

What sets SuperSaaS apart from the competition? SuperSaaS offers more functionality than other appointment scheduling systems, owing to the continuous improvements we’ve made based on customer feedback over the last 15 years.

This ensures it can usually match your preferred workflow, instead of you having to shoehorn your business process into what the system can do.

Our large scale also means we can spread our cost over a large number of customers, which results in a better price.

Do I need to have my own website? SuperSaaS can be integrated seamlessly into any site, if you don’t have a website (yet) you can also use the link to a SuperSaaS schedule directly, add in your email signature, share it via WhatsApp, or put it on your Facebook or Instagram page.
Do you have a mobile app?

When you (or your clients) visit a schedule with a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android, the system will automatically show a version optimized for handheld devices.

You can also display your calendar using an icon on the home screen of an iPad or iPhone. It will look like an app, but you don’t need to visit the App Store to download it. See the information on mobile devices for details.

Can I connect SuperSaaS with other calendars?

You can let the availability of your SuperSaaS schedule depend on your Google or Outlook Calendar. SuperSaaS only retrieves your free/busy information, we don’t download your appointments.

This way you can allow users to schedule an appointment in your personal calendar, without the need to give anyone access to the details in your calendar.

Subscriptions and billing

Is the free version really free? SuperSaaS is 100% free to use indefinitely and doesn’t require credit card information to start. The free version has a limit of 50 appointments and advertisements are displayed on the calendar page, along with a few other limitations.

Details can be found on the pricing page. You’re welcome to keep using the free service for private and non-commercial use.

Can I switch to a bigger or smaller plan? You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, payments get adjusted automatically. You can even switch back to the free version if you don’t need the system for a while and return to it later. So seasonal businesses only need to subscribe when they’re in season.
What happens if I exceed my appointment limit?

When you exceed the maximum number of appointments allowed on your subscription package the system will notify you by email. You then have three days to either upgrade the account or reduce the number of appointments (feel free to email us if you need more time).

We will never delete your upcoming appointments. If you still exceed your limit after three days then the system will no longer accept new appointments until the situation is rectified. All other functionality remains unchanged. So you, and your users, can still view and edit appointments that have already been entered.

Do you charge when my users pay for bookings?

If you would like clients to pay for appointments in advance, you can use the integrated online payment system. You can choose from several different payment providers, such as PayPal or Stripe or even offer a combination of multiple providers. They send payments to your bank account directly, deducting a charge for their service. The money does not pass through SuperSaaS and we do not charge any fee.

It’s also possible to use the built in “credit system” where clients buy credits beforehand which they subsequently use to book appointments.

More information can be found in our support documentation.