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Link a SuperSaaS schedule with your Facebook page

You can easily link your appointment schedule to your Facebook page with a “Book Now” button. Your Facebook visitors will be redirected to your schedule when they click the button. You can watch the video tutorial or read the tutorial below. You can also read more about it in our Facebook integration blog.

Video preview
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What do you need for the integration?

  • A Facebook business page
  • A SuperSaaS account with at least one schedule

Add a “Book Now” button to your Facebook Page

  1. Sign in to your Facebook business page and click on “Add a Button”

    Click Add a Button
  2. Click on Book Services and select the “Book Now” option in the drop down menu

    Select the Book Now button
  3. Enter the URL to your SuperSaaS schedule. (You can find this by clicking on “use” for the relevant schedule in your SuperSaaS account) and click Add Button

    Enter the URL to your SuperSaaS schedule
  4. You now have a “Book Now” button at the top of your Facebook page which allows users to book directly via your online schedule. The example below shows what it will look like for people viewing your Facebook page for both the desktop and the mobile version.

    Desktop Version The result Mobile Version The result

Please note that due to frequent Facebook updates the images and process might differ slightly from this original tutorial.